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Planet Communications cc started in July 1976 focusing mainly on Television Sales and Service.
It soon became apparent that the big Retail Companies would dominate this market.
It was agreed that we would change direction and move into the Two-way Radio Market, as there
was a great need for a local based Workshop. (All work in the early 1980's was carried out from Durban.)
Two-way Radio Communications has then become our main focus.

Through the 1980's our main services remained focused around the Larger companies in
the immediate vicinity of Richards Bay. However, during the late 80's and the early 90's we
moved more towards Medium to Small businesses in and around the rural areas. It is here
that we gained valuable experience, and were able to formulate our business plan for the
future. During this time we also acquired a number of Communal Repeaters on which we
were supplying Smaller companies with Airtime. This provided a much needed source of
communication with which customers could conduct their business. Up to this point we
were only selling Two-way radio equipment. We realized that the Major Finance Houses do
not finance Two-way radio equipment, as this is a very high risk market. We formulated an
affordable rental scheme for customers, so that they did not have the large initial capital
layout. This started what was to become our main business to date: Two-way
Radio Rental and Communal Repeater Airtime rental to Small companies.

Since 2000 we have diversified into a company with multiple departments that serve
Computer hardware,-software, -networking and consumables for the Small to Medium
businesses as well as Home users.

Our after sales service and support is met with professionalism and backed by a combined
technical experience of more than 30 years.

In 2006 we have undertaken a new project to supply Wireless Internet service. We are currently providing coverage North up to and including Mkuze. We offer both Capped and Un-capped packages.

We are now able to adequately address the markets we have targeted.
We adjusted our staff, redirected our advertising and sales force and added the necessary skills and equipment to meet the needs and expectations of our valued customers.

tel: +27 35 789 9335
34 Dollar Drive
Richards Bay